Open The Oceans is the core program of OceanGate Foundation. OceanGate Foundation and OceanGate, Inc will collaborate to use this program to inspire students to use exploration of the oceans as a unifying framework that will motivate their study of science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).

As part of this effort we will collaborate to visit a number of National Marine Sanctuaries, share what we find, and do our best to Open The Oceans.

OceanGate Foundation is a not-for-profit educational outreach organization.

Our mission is to create STEM-engaged students by using manned submersibles to explore the ocean.

We inspire curiosity, passion, and lifelong learning through our programs.


OceanGate Inc. is a privately held company that operates manned submersibles for industry, research, and exploration.

OceanGate manned submersibles provide access for deep-sea technology testing, site survey and inspection, research and data collection, and film and media production.

OceanGate is committed to opening the oceans and ensuring the responsible use of marine resources.