Dr. Anna Gebruk

Scientific Project Manager
Changing Oceans Research Group
University of Edinburgh

Dr. Anna Gebruk is a marine ecologist with expertise in benthic ecosystems, invasive species, microplastic pollution, and biodiversity conservation. Anna is a Scientific Project Manager at the Changing Oceans Group, University of Edinburgh, UK.

Dr Gebruk is an invertebrate zoologist by training, graduated with BSc in biology from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2016, followed by a masters’ degree in Marine Systems and Policies in the University of Edinburgh in 2017, and a doctorate in Environmental and Atmospheric Science in 2022.

Anna is passionate about conservation of marine biodiversity and habitats and believes in informed science-based decision-making as the way forward towards achieving sustainable development goals. Working at the science-policy interface for 5 years Anna has a strong record of leading wide range of projects from environmental monitoring to habitat mapping, as well as enhancing research cooperation through organization of international conferences and networking events, alongside diverse experience in participating in and facilitating sea-going expeditions including the 2019 cruise of the legendary RV Akademic Mstislav Keldysh (AMK-78) to study ecosystems of methane seeps in the Arctic where Anna was a head of marine biology unit.

Anna is also a Vice President of the UK Polar Network.

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