Dr. Bridget Buxton

Associate Professor of Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology
University of Rhode Island

Dr. Bridget Buxton is an underwater archaeologist and historian based at the University of Rhode Island, and an archaeological advisor to Oceangate Foundation. Bridget grew up in New Zealand and completed her PhD at Berkeley as a Fulbright scholar in ancient history and Mediterranean archaeology. She specializes in classical underwater archaeology, and has been at the forefront of introducing new robotic technologies to underwater research. She has worked on and co-directed archaeological expeditions all over the world, including the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Black Sea, and the South Pacific, discovering dozens of historic shipwrecks. Her recent projects with the Israeli Antiquities Authority have yielded new discoveries at the historic ports of Akko and Caesarea, and the excavation of two major ancient treasure wrecks. She has twice been awarded the Archaeological Institute of America’s prestigious McCann-Taggart lectureship in underwater archaeology, and frequently speaks on the luxury cruise circuit. In addition to Oceangate’s Titanic and Atlantic expeditions, she is planning future archaeological adventures in Israel, Croatia, Portugal, and the Indian Ocean.

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