Subsea Tech

Advances in marine technology are helping to reveal many mysteries of the deep ocean. OceanGate Expeditions is at the forefront of conducting ocean expeditions using crewed submersibles, launch platforms, and other subsea technologies. OceanGate Foundation is therefore uniquely able to offer scientists and explorers access to the subsea technologies they need to delve deeper and learn more about the ocean.

“Knowledge of the oceans is more than a matter of curiosity. Our very survival may depend on it.”
– John F. Kennedy

Crewed Submersibles

The technology powering our expeditions of discovery

OceanGate Foundation is proud to support the efforts of OceanGate in its quest to pioneer the next generation of manned submersibles through the innovative use of materials and modern technology.

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Flyaway ROV

Remotely Operated Vehicle to probe depths to 4000 meters

OceanGate Foundation is pleased to support Dr. Stephen Licht’s marine robotics student project at the University of Rhode Island to build a fly away ROV deployable from a 4,000 meter capable submersible.

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Creative solutions in nautical archaeology

By adapting the Digski as a viable low-cost replacement for coastal survey and excavation, and making everything open-source, the researchers we support are helping to democratize ocean science.

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