500 meters / 1,640 feet

The first of the Cyclops-class submersibles, Cyclops 1 is a fully functional prototype and platform for software, technology and equipment for Titan. Following her debut in 2015 the OceanGate crew has deployed Cyclops 1 on dozens of missions in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico.


305 meters / 1,000 feet

Utilized for shallow expeditions, Antipodes is a manned submersible that enables commercial and scientific applications for researchers, scientists, filmmakers and content providers. The two acrylic hemispherical domes provide unparalleled views and make her a ideal vessel for teams to collaborate and explore to depths of 305 meters (1,000 feet).

Submersibles vs submarines: What’s the difference?

Many people confuse submersibles with submarines, but there’s a big difference between the two. A submersible is supported by a surface vessel, platform, shore team, or sometimes a larger submarine. There are many types of submersibles, including both manned and unmanned craft, otherwise known as remotely operated vehicles or ROVs. A submarine is a fully autonomous craft, capable of renewing its own power and breathing air.